بسته اوقات فراغت مربوط به فصل دوم پایان نامه

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بسته مربوط به اوقات فراغت:

این بسته شامل 80 صفحه فایل ورد در مورد اوقات فراغت به همراه رفرنس و پیشینه می باشد. همچنین در این بسته 10 مقاله لاتین 2011 به بالا (اکثرا 2013 به بالا) در مورد اوقات فراغت قرار داده شده است.

عناوین مقالات بسته:

  • -Factors associatedwith changes in leisure time physical activity during early pregnancy - 2013
  • Social capital, desire to increase physical activity and leisuretime physical activity: A population-based - 2013
  • Lifetime leisure-time physical activity and the risk of depressive symptoms at the ages of 65–74 years: The FIN-D2D survey - 2012
  • Age and sex differences in prospective effects of health goals and motivations on daily leisure-time physical activity -2012
  • Is park visitation associated with leisure-time and transportation physical activity? -2013
  • Investigation of The Relationship Between Anxiety and Type of Leisure Time Activity in Female High School Students - 2013
  • How do disabled individuals spend their leisure time? - 2014
  • Leisure time physical activity in patients with epilepsy in Seoul, South Korea - 2011
  • Urban Community Perception on Nighttime Leisure Activities in Improving Public Park Design - 2013
  • Leisure time activities and cognitive functioning in middle European population-based study - 2013
  • Trends in leisure time and work-related physical activity in the Spanish working population, 1987-2006 - 2012


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