15 مقاله ISI سال 2014 در مورد رضایت شغلی


یکی از مشکلاتی که دانشجویان و محققان هنگام نوشتن مقاله یا پایان نامه با آن روبه رو هستند جمع آوری پیشینه تحقیق می باشد.وبسایت جامع پرسشنامه و مقاله ایران به همین منظور اقدام به جمع آوری پیشینه متغیرهای مختلف نموده است. همچنین هر ماهه این پیشینه ها به روز می شوند تا مقالات جدید در اختیار شما قرار بگیرد. امیدواریم با اعتماد و همراهی خود ما را یاری نمایید:

این بسته شامل 15 مقاله ISI سال 2014 در مورد رضایت شغلی می باشد.

قیمت با تخفیف 50 درصد فقط 5 هزار تومان می باشد.

عناوین مقالات موجود:

  1. Job emotions and job cognitions as determinants of job satisfaction: The moderating role of individual differences in need for affect  (2014)
  2. The circadian typology is related to differences in emotional intelligence in healthy adults (2014)
  3. Gender differences in the impact of leadership styles on subordinate embeddedness and job satisfaction (2014)
  4. Gender disparity in job satisfaction of Western versus Asian managers (2014)
  5. The moderating effects of gender and inside versus outside sales role in multifaceted job satisfaction (2013)
  6. Examining the link between salesperson networking behaviors, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment: Does gender matter? (2014)
  7. A dark side of leadership: Corporate psychopathy and its influence on employee well-being and job satisfaction (2014)
  8. Job involvement, commitment, satisfaction and turnover: Evidence from hotel employees in Cyprus (2014)
  9. Economic crisis and the employee: The effects of economic crisis on employee job satisfaction, commitment, and self-regulation (2014)
  10. Job satisfaction and job performance of university librarians: A disaggregated examination (2014)
  11. Expatriate personality and cultural fit: The moderating role of host country context on job satisfaction (2014)
  12. Exploring the impacts of employee advocacy on job satisfaction and organizational commitment: Case of Taiwanese airlines (2014)
  13. Self–other agreement in empowering leadership: Relationships with leader effectiveness and subordinates' job satisfaction and turnover intention (2014)
  14. travailQuelle validité pour une mesure de la satisfaction autravail en un seul item ? (2014)


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